Into The Woods (Television Review, Looking S02E01, Looking For The Promised Land)


Well, “Looking” is back and I am a happy camper. I have been waiting for this new episode of the new season since, well, since the last episode of the last one. And teh action begins where it left off: Augustin is still living with Patrick, who is still having an affair with his boss Kevin. Dom is still with Lyn, and as a matter of fact brings Patrick and Augustine to Dom’s Russian River house where they attempt to have a wholesome weekend trip. But all plains go awry, and in a fantastic way. The first thing I noticed, and liked, in this episode is its tone: it’s not as somber and serious, and we get to see some mirth in the characters, even if hey are all embroiled in their own personal turmoils. Patrick still hasn’t confessed his affair to his friends, and Dom is feeling insecure about his open relationship with Lyn. He looks for clues about Lyn’s character in his house. But this is a gay show so there is a fabulous party, called “The Promised Land.” They each even take a Molly pill. And by the end of the show, we get a clue to where the characters are headed, for better or worse. It’s a great opener, and I am beginning to really love its languid place. Nothing has to dramatically happen for the show to tell these character’s stories, and I really appreciate that it takes its time doing so. And the actors are really growing great in the role. Jonathan Groff is as charming as ever, even as his character infuriates me. I mean, how old is he to be acting like a stunted kid? I mean, own up to your decisions, even if some people would think it is wrong. Murray Bartlett has relaxed a lot, and even Frankie Alvarez finds some layers in an underwritten role. I look forward to my Sunday dates with these men.

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