The Affair (Television Thoughts: Looking S02E02, Looking For Results)

Looking’s second episode this season, “Looking For Results” starts with Patrick and Kevin in bed in a seedy motel. Wasn’t it just last week that Paddy asked Kevin that they have never had sex in a bed yet? Well, looks like Patrick’s wish came true this week, albeit in a seedy motel. That sets the tone for this week’s episode, one of the bests ever. The pacing was great, although I kind of miss the languid, contemplative tone of previous episodes. This one should be a crowd-pleaser, though, There’s enough comedy and drama here that the half an hour flew by (This should be an hour episode series)  We get Patricks paranoia about him getting HIV, and Kevin’s about their “affair” being exposed after Patrick confesses he told his friends about their relationship. But it’s a testament to Jonathan Groff that even if his character is written so unsympathetically, he infuses depth and charm that he has striking chemistry with everyone. He sizzles with Russell Tovey that you can’t help but root for their relationship. But then tonight we also see Richie come back, and that scene that Groff has with Castillo at his ktchen was full of nuanced longing that you find yourself lso rooting for them, too. So what are you to do? You just keep on watching, week after week.

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