Timid Tobacco (Perfume Thoughts:: Diptyque Volutes)

Do you like tobacco note, but think it may be too rough, too manly? Well, Diptyque’s Volutes is the probably the perfume for you. The other day, I was wearing Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille and I was again admiring its richness and depth, and as I wear Volupte tonight, my initial reaction is that this is no match for Tom Ford’s masterpiece. But as Volupte lingers on my skin, I begin to admire it for its softer virtues. About an hour after I put it on, the tobacco is faint, happy to be in the background btu still exerting its presence. What is more appealing for me is the iris note that takes center stage. It’s pretty. That’s the only way I could describe it – its a half-bloom unobnoxious note that’s timid and shy, but has presence. And the tobacco gives it weight. As a house, Diptyque seems to be more mainstream than niche nowadays, akin to say, Tocca. They make pretty, interesting but safe and some say uninspired scents. Volutes seems to have been made with a target market in mind: those seeking for unobtrusive perfumes that can claim “edgy” notes like tobacco. It;s not that I won’t wear this, but it seems if you want mid-range perfumes with tobacco notes, you get better choices in the market (Spicebomb or Burburry London men, for example) Diptyque Volutes i in the higher end of the spectrum, but less imaginative.

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