Side Show (Television Thoughts: Looking S02E03, Looking For Top To Bottom)

We learn life lessons from taking life risks, and then failing. We feel like fools, but we grow and hopefully apply what we have learned.  It looks like Patrick is in the middle of such experience. But he seems to be still in the middle of the euphoric stage, and getting to the “why am I doing this”  phase. Yes he is having an affair, or as he points out, he is with someone who is having an affair. The weekend is coming up, and Jon (Kevin’s boyfriend) is going away to San Diego for the weekend, so they have time to themselves. Patrick prepares by buying Fleet (and making a big deal of it, like the “naive” Midwesterner that he is) and preparing to bottom, but guess what, Kevin asks him to top, wasting douche, and Fleet, too. Dom is on a rugby league and Kevin and Patrick watch (as friends) and then they make out in the stands, just like Patrick envisioned it when he was in High School. but the relationship has a catch revealed int his episode. Apparently, Kevin needs to get married so he can have a green card, presumably because he only has a worker’s visa. This, of course, plants something in Patrick’s head, hopefully realization that Kevin may just be using him. Russell Tovey is such a charmer I would marry him, too! However, I hope the story line doesn’t go that direction, as it would be predictable, and Kevin would seem a character that is not as three-dimensional.

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