Blanket Lavender (Perfume Thoughts: Burberry Brit Rhythm For Her)

I think Burberry is a fine fragrance house.  They may not be truly innovative, but they are always well blended, have solid longevity, and never ever smell less than they should be. Last year’s release, Burberry Brit Rhythm For Her was part of a his-and-hers set. I haven’t smelled the masculine scent yet, but I truly like the female one. It’s a cheap thrill – online discounters have the small bottle for less than twenty dollars, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. The perfume centers around lavender – a note that is usually associated with men’s perfumes, with that barber-shop feel. It’s a harsh and sharp note, and in here, perfumers Nathalie Cetto and Antoine Maisondue give it the powdery treatment that it almost smells like vintage. It’s a very bright and transparent scent, but also cashmere-like: warm, comforting, and perfect on a cold day. It gives you that “hug” feeling, akin to being blanketed by a furry throw – a Burberry wool throw perhaps?That said, I think the marketing for this is atrocious: it’s supposed to be youthful and rock-and-roll-ish when this would probably appeal more to a slightly older demographic

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