By The Salty Sea (Perfume Review: Jo Malone Wood Sage And Sea Salt)

I love salty scents – they have such a unique texture to my nose that is subtle but so appealing. (The Different Company’s Sel de Vetiver is an all-time fave, and L’Artisans L’eau de L’Artisan’s salty seaweed-y accord always satisfies)  I got Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt over my late summer vacation last year, and loved it. I thought it was prefect for early autumn – that breezy salty smell combined with the late summer vibe. But today, on a coold-ish desert winter day, it just defeated me.  I love its salty grapefruit opening, and it really cheered me up as I started my mornign walk on this briskly sunny day. And the middle light woods notes brought depth and weight to the smell. But less than an hour after I (generously) applied it, as I always do with my scents, it was gone. Even my scarf, which I spray with my scent of the day, only had remnants after my morning walk. I guess this perfume is more like a cologne, and should be reapplied rigorously. I write this a couple of hours later, and it’s so faint that I can’t help but feel disappointed.  I know Jo Malone scents veer on the light side, but this is kind of extreme. This scent is Christine Nagel’s swan song as Jo Malone’s nose, and I wish ti could have been a more graceful exit.

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