If Only For Two Nights (Movie Thoughts: Two Night Stand)

Since it’s Valentine’s week, I thought I would revisit the rom-com. Well, via Netflix, anyway. “Two Night Stand” leaped at me because it stars Miles Teller, whom I think a sensitive young actor, and is sensational on “Whiplash,” by the way. This movie reflects how people nowadays, which I think would be more complicated. Social media, internet dating sites, Tindr – the stakes seem to be higher nowadays, and the rules more complicated. teller is Alec, and Annaleigh Tipton is Megan, and they have a one night stand, after which Megan gets stuck in Alec’s apartment because of a blizzard. And hilarity ensues. Yawn. And then it gets serious. The new cynical me would have liked for the sour to linger, but the audience who will want to see this will want the predictable endings. End result? I guess it’s nice as these things go, but nice doesn’t really cut it for me anymore.

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