You Can’t Handle The Truth (Television Review: Looking S02 E05, Looking For Truth)

There was a line in tonight’s “Looking” episode (“Looking For Truth”) that got to me. Patrick was talking to Richie’s cousin Ceci and she pulls him aside, and said “You know he borrowed $200 so he could buy a suit for that wedding? I was rooting for you.” I don’t know why, but that line made me cry. Actually, that lien made me weep uncontrollably. I was reminded of how, when you are in love, you move heaven and earth to make that person happy, to the point that sometimes you lose yourself in the process. It became painfully clear that Ritchie was head over heel in love with Patrick, and Groff’s face when he found that out tonight was so expressive it cut to my inner being and found myself when I was in the same situation a million years ago. This just shows how “Looking” knows me – I think it has been snooping into my life to put aspects of it for this show. Or so it seems. Of course, my situation is hardly unique – falling madly in love with someone and doing stupid things is hardly an isolated experience. We have all gone through it.  This show gets that, and perhaps that is why it resonates with gay men superbly well. Tonight’s episode was mosly between Patrick and Ritchie, when they both go back to Ritchie’s old stomping grounds to pick up an ice cream truck he is flipping.  But the characters sort through their failed relationship as well, over Mexican food (i suddenly craved it and had to get me some) and with Ritchie’s relatives in the background. But, with this show, it is never cut clear, but I suspect this may end their reconciliation.  Exes who have had deep connections, and who have flourished as friends sometimes have to be in each other’s lives because their relationship brings out certain aspects of their personalities. For example, Ritchie will have a different relationship with Patrick because he is someone who hasn’t had as long a friendship with Patrick as his other friends, and can discern the Patrick that is now versus what he was before. I totally understand how these kinds of friendships enrich each of their lives in ways maybe no one else can understand. Elsewhere, it looks like Daniel and Augustine are taking their relationship to the next level, to the tune of Cece Peniston’s “Finally.” It’s fun and brings a depth to Augustine that we never saw before. We have three episodes left this season, and I am dreading leaving these characters.

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