Pink In The Park (Scent Thoughts: Bond No 9 Madison Square Park)

When I left New York,  the idea of Bond no 9’s scents – celebrating New York City neighborhoods  started to appeal to me. I have always had mixed feelings about the house, feeling them over priced for what they are. But, these are well-done scents, if a bit too conventional and safe at times. I sprayed Madison Square Park on my palm today, and I feel liek suddenly I am in love. And I ask myself why – it’s a fruity floral, a pretty basic one at that. Opening with a big burst of “red leaf rose,” it’s green and smells of crushed leaves, and I loved it. A rose slowly creeps in. It evoked walking through Madison Square Park in a way, as you first see the grass on the grounds, and discovering a patch of roses inside. Then some  berries – raspberry? something red – bursts in and it’s well blended enough to have a great mix of fruits and florals. The scent reminds me of a well-balanced bouquet – there’s equal parts of any ingredient, that the freesia doesn’t get lost with the vetiver root, or tomato leaf. And it’s good i guess that not one note really stands, and what you see is a beautiful painting. I am kind of loving it, to be honest. It brought a little smile on my face, and I can’t remember the lasttime a fruity floral did that. Maybe because I have smelled all these cheap incarnations that I have forgotten that there is beauty in the genre. I think this perfume perfectly represents the park on 32nd Street, which, incidentally, borders the New York perfume district. Oh, the memories.

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