No Gardenia (Perfume Thoughts: Chanel Gardenia, Les Exclusifs Collection)

Yesterday was one of those “just staying at home and relax” days for me, and that is when I grab samples from my ever-growing samples box.  I always say I do this because I can concentrate on smelling the new-to-me scents. But really, I try not to use my samples (unless I am traveling) because a lot of times I fall in love with a fragrance and would want to get a full bottle right away.  Chanel’s Gardenia called out to me yesterday, and this, of course, is the ‘modern’ version, the one on the Les Exclusifs line.  And of course, it called to me because I was wearing Annick Goutal’s Un Matin du Orange the day before,and was on an orange blossom kick. Chanel Gardenia obviously does not have a gardenia note in it : it is a bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom, and tuberose, a blossoming white floral. But this version is slightly watered, slightly aquatic, and though it advertises as having some musk, I don’t get it. It’s nice and fine, but that’s about what it is: nice and fine. It’s nice and easy to wear, but it did not challenge me, it did not want me to reach for it. It’s inoffensive, and I would imagine it is perfect as an office scent: the sillage is not obtrusive, and it smells “classy” enough for someone past the age of 25. Crisis averted, I say. If I saw a cheap bottle, i would probably get it, but otherwise, I have other Chanel wants (La Pausa or Jersey, for example) on my list.

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