Taylor Made (Movie Thoughts: Tracers)

Taylor Lautner? Sure why not? I mean he is cute and all, and I have spent time with worse. But is his cuteness enough to sustain my attention on what is seemingly a run-of-the-mill action movie? Yes, and no. Well, it turns he is cute enough, but in that manufactured cute boy kind of way. I don’t think he has found himself yet – he seems ill at ease with his own skin, and everything he does seems to have been rehearsed to the last kick. He is in great physical form here, and he is doing all the stunts magnificently. And his coiff is perfect: every strand artfully tossed. As a matter of fact, even his facial hair and arm tattoo is art-directed to death. The big thing lacking is soul. He seems to be in automatic pilot, up to the way he kisses his leading lady. And the movie? Do we even care about the movie? It has a dumb screenplay, though the final action sequence did give me a few chills, but really I wouldn’t know a good action sequence from a bad one. But yeah, Taylor Lautner doing parkour – that seems to be the only narrative here and if that’s good enough for you, then…

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