With One More Look At You (Television Thoughts: Looking Season 2 Finale, Looking For Home)

Here we are, the last episode of season two, “Looking For Home,” and just like Patrick, the audience is at a crossroad. Patrick starts to move in with Kevin, and then he finds out that Kevin is still on Grinr, and is logged on, this giving him more questions than answers. What we get is a half hour discussion between the two of them. I guess be careful what you look (wish) for, you just might get it. Is it a dealbreaker if your boyfriend is on Grindr, or is it just one of those things. As Augustine says, “we all have the app, it’s what we do with it that matters”  The episode ends with Patrick still at a crossroads after all these months – in some sense he is still looking. Is this a metaphor that in life, we will always be looking?

It would be truly sad if HBO cancels this show. I purposely kept HBO just for this, and as a matter of fact, tonight I am logging on to my DirectTV account and canceling the service. But if it does go away after this season, ti was a great sho

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