The Road To Getting Younger (Televison Thoughts: Younger Season One, Episode Three and Four)

I am really starting to love “Younger,” and episodes three (“IRL”) and foru (“The Exes”) both solidify my affection for it. As the series moves on, the “feel” of the series is resembling “Sex And the City” more and more. For example, there is a subplot in episode three that could have come out from SATC: when Liza’s boss joins an internet dating site and gets photographed with her rare Judith Lieberman bag, and gets a “match” and then gets catfished by someone who only wanted to see (and get that selfie) with that bag. If this were SATC, that would have been a storyline for either Samantha or Charlotte. Of course, Liza is teh “Carrie” here and we get to see the progression of her relationship with tattooed Josh. They finally have sex on episode four, and even break his bed. But all is not well when she catches him with another woman. I was expecting the storyline to go on the “safe” side (I was imagining that the woman is his sister) but the series goes one step further when he confesses that she is his ex, and they are in a kind of friends-with-benefit arrangement. Liza seems a little too mature to just accept that – I was expecting her character to be more stubborn. Epsiode Four focuses a little more on Kelsey, and Hillary Duff isn’t charming enough (right now) to get away with her character’s flaws that I foudn myself getting irritated by her actions. Maybe I need to get used to her character more, and I think I am on that path. I cannot wait for the next episodes!

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