Apple Jack Jacked (Film Thoughts: John Apple Jack)

You know, sometimes you can only give a film so many chances. “John Apple Jack” had all the signs of being a good movie, and I liked the idea of a gay movie featuring an asian and a caucasian romance because it is not as frequently done. Plus, this movie had an appealing and photogenic case. But after scene after scene of stupidity, I just gave up. I thought the characters were all unlikeable, and there was not only zilch chemistry between Chris McNally and Ken Leung, who play lovers here, that they were even acting liek they didn;t like each other! So, how possibly could one be rooting for them? The plot is unbelievable, and the direction so numbingly bad that it felt like pure torture for me. I had to pat myself in the back when I realized I had finished watching the movie! What a missed opportunity – this had such potential it could have been a modern version of Ang Lee’s “The Wedding Banquet.”

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