Good Grace (Perfume Thoughts: Creed Fleurissimo)

If you weren’t invited to Grace Kelly’s wedding day in 1972, you can at least have the olfactory experience of being there when you are wearing Creed’s Fleurissimo, which was commissioned by the Royal prince Of Monaco for her to wear on her wedding day. Can you believe I never smelled this perfume until today? But, finally, I tried on a sample I have of it. It;’s a white floral, with notes of tuberose, violet, Florentine iris. It’s a nice restrained floral, and I don’t know if it was originally done like this, what with modern reformulations. The tuberose is discreet, not having the traditional indolic tropical feel of most tuberose scents, and I think it is because of the violet note which gets more prominent in the middle and dry down of the scent. I like it, but don’t love it. Without the “back story” behind this, I don’t know if I would even give it any attention, though I have to admit the idea is very tantalizing.

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