You Gotta Have Friends (Television Thoughts: Younger S01 E05 Girl Code)

Is it just me? This episode seemed rote. While it had a lot of good things – Debi Mazar gets more than one scene! – it was just a bit predictable. So Liza hasn’t been spending a lot of time with Maggie and they plan to go out, in this case, go to an art opening at the gallery showing Maggie’s art. And then we see a little bit of conflict – Kelsey and her friends naturally do not initially warm up to Maggie. I kind of thought that was the predictable part. I think maybe it should have been better had they got along. Later on, of course, they all help Maggie, because of the “girl code,” and I thought that reaction was just as predictble. A little “friction” between these freinds – who obviously have differences – would have given more dramatic possibilities for Liza (I can see episodes of her just juggling both sets of friends) But it was also nice to see Liza and her younger boyfriend “advancing,” although that also is going the way of boring. I hope next week’s episode gets better, for me a least.

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