From Tehran To Park Slope (Movie Thoughts: Appropriate Behavior)


If you read reviews of the movie “Appropriate Behavior,” you will find mostly glowing reviews not only of the film, but also of its writer and director, Desiree Akhavan. Akhavan bases thsi movie from her own experience in dealinf with the breakup of her lover, and in the film the character is named Maxine. The protagonist of the movie is named Shirin, and just like Akhavan is a bisexual Iranian young woman, but more so is a twenty something hipster from Brooklyn. I was on board until that last detail, and I told myself, no not another film about an annoying and entitled millennial Brooklynite.  Sure, I get the wit in her screenplay – she has been described as a Middle-Eastern Lena Dunham – but really, there is nothing much to see here beyond that. I guess we get a glimpse of how someone her age thinks, but for me, no big whoop there. So she goes through lovers – male, female, even a couple, but what about her dates give her the wisdom and acceptance that she supposedly arrives at in the end of the movie? Maybe I also need to be her peer in order to get it? What I get here is a young woman with a typewriter and a camera, but not much else.

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