To Dream The Impossible Dream (Book Thoughts: Fans Of the Impossible Life, Kate Scelsa)


This book, “Fans Of The Impossible Life,” by Kate Scelsa just got to me good. In the middle of reading it, I suddenly realized that I care immensely for the three characters in the book – Sebby, Mira, and Jeremy – and felt protective about them, and I just craved for all of them to have a happy ending. These are three young seemingly-broken souls finding a way to be happy when you are young, unafraid, and insecure. These are people who do not think they deserve to be happy. These are characters who feel like they are trapped in a life with no way out – and didn’t we all feel that way at some point when we were young? Scelsa has a good feel for these characters as they are written very real. (I particularly didn’t thinks she needed the ‘gimmick’ of having every character written in a different person)  This book is one of my favorites so far for 2015.

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