There’s Trouble (Movie Thoughts: Apartment Troubles)

ApartmentTroubles2Some movies go straight to VOD for a reason. Why would anyone want or pay to see “Apartment Troubles,” for example. This movie, written and directed by Jess Wiexler and Jennifer Prediger is so bad I am scratching my head how and why it was done. We get two lifeless unlikeable characters, who in the beginning of the movie, declare that they have opted to not use electricity, for political reasons. Yet they would also be the the same people who would use a private jet, and audition for a reality competition television show. It doesn’t make sense. They fly to New York, and we see Megan Mullaly do a character that is once again reminiscent of her Karen Walker character from “will And Grace” How could they have attracted talent such as Mullaly, and Will Forte, even. (He plays an obnoxious character) Seventy seven minutes of my life has been wasted on this movie.

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