Cool Cat Citrus (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin)

limbasSince I always have tons of perfume samples, they always come in handy when I travel because I don’t have to bring bottles with me, and not to mention TSA friendly. I recently found a whole bunch of Jo Malone samples, so I grabbed them for my recent trip. I find I never instinctively grab my Jo Malone scents, even though I have a fair number of them. It was hot and humid in New York City when I was there recently, and I found myself wearing the sample of Lime, Basil & Mandarin. And I had forgotten how glorious this was. Jo Malone is a brand with a steady mix of commercial and niche (and nowadays the distinction between the two has gotten so blurry anyway) I do suspect that nowadays it is the farthest thing from a niche: turn any corner and you’ll find it. But for the most part, there is some thought and vision to the scents, and I appreciate it more nowadays. But back to Lime, Basil, and Marin: for a Jo Malone scent I found it tenacious, and enjoyed the heady mix of citrus and vetiver: the scent never cloyed and always refreshed. Teh basil gave it the heft that a citrus needed, and character to make it distinguishable from all the “cologne” type scents out there. Is it the most imaginative perfume in the world? I don’t think it set to do that, but it is crisp, bullshit free scenting, and on a hot hazy humid day, brought the ice cubes for my lemonade.

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