Is That All There Is (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone Osmathus Blossom)

thI guess Osmanthus Blossom was a big seller for Jo Malone when it was first released as a limited edition scent that they decided to bring it back this Spring as part of the Blue Skies And Blossoms series. I never got a chance to try it the first time around, though I should say that I did (and do) like he lace-crested bottles they had then. (Yes, I could be shallow) So today I finally spritzed it, and asked myself, quoting Peggy Lee: Is That All There Is? The Osmanthus note is not as common, thought I love The Different Company’s take on it. But here, in Osmanthsu Blossom, I can barely sense it. It’s so faint that all I get is the citrus and some fruit (peach? appricot?) and the over all effect is so pedestrian, akin to any other department store fruity floral. It borders on too-sweet too, and the drydown is that screechy artificial sugary thing that I was shaking myself, asking, is this Jo Malone? That is, if the scent even stays on your skin for long. I gave myself little less than an hour and I could barely smell it on my skin. Yes, I want something light and fun for Spring, but I kind of want to have it last a little bit too. I am told the other two int he series – the Sakura Cherry Blossom, and Plum Blossom, fare better. Maybe I will have better luck there.

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