Happy Hunting (Webseries Thoughts: Hunting Season)

hunting-season-keyart-posterSince Looking ended, I have been searching for a gay show fix (“Real Housewives Of New York,” though gayer than Gay Gayerson, just can’t fit that bill)  Guess what, I think I found it through “Hunting Season,” which started its second season on Vimeo. But first, I caught up with it by binge watching the first season, and it was an easy task: most of the episodes were just over ten minutes. I met the main character Alex, Ben Baur. The show purports to be an unashamed gay version of “Sex And The City.” (But wait – isn’t SATC already the gay version of SATC?) It even copies the format – single guy in the city writing a blog about his sexcapades – right to the voice-over which frame the episodes. The first season was more a parade of sexual partners for Ben, and it was sexy and titillating, if I want to be honest. (The full frontal nudity did not hurt at all)

As the second season starts, we see some series expansion. Aside from the fact that each episode now clocks over twenty minutes, we get more stories: Ben by the second episode loses his day job at Gawker – which opens the series up, storyline wise – and he ruminates about something more. In case you are confused, that would be falling in love, looking for a husband. The series becomes more soap-y (even the cast of characters around him get their own individual arcs) and it’s addictive. It’s mindless fun – the kind that you can’t stop watching, and will make you a little guilty the morning after. So you know, like sex. Needless to say, I am hooked.

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