Got To Be Real (Television Thoughts: UnREAL, Mondays on Lifetime)

unREALYou don’t have to be a “The Bachelor(ette)” fan to enjoy “UnREAL.”  I have only watched snippets of the popular ABC show myself, to be honest. “UnREAL” is a drama/dark comedy from Lifetime that goes behind the scene of dating show titled “Everlasting,” and it is riveting. This show revolves around the character of Rachel (Shiri Appleby) who is a producer. She is back after having a nervous breakdown in the middle of shooting the finale of the previous season. After charges of grand auto theft and DUI, she is subjected to therapy and community service, and is thwarted back at the show. We see the inner workings of how a dating show is taped for maximum drama, as Rachel is the master manipulator, a trait that is best used in producing for these kinds of shows. I don’t know if “UnREAL” is real or an exaggeration, but it is great television, and I have instantly put it on my DVR. Aside from “Project Runway,” I don’t think I have anything on there from the Lifetime network, and this show promises to bring a lot more sizzle to my summer viewing. I can’t wait.

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