Traveling Patchouli (Perfume Thoughts: Chanel Coromandel)

coromandelToday will be a long day for me – a full day at work, and then flying to Los Angeles after. It’s a short flight, but God knows where I will end up later. Whenever I have these kinds of days, I always want to wear scent that is tenacious – one that will stay with me till the wee hours of the morning. (I am almost positive I will go out after landing at LAX) Last week it was Dior’s Oud Ispahan, and it got me through a similar day. Today I wore Chanel Coromandel – I wanted something strong, but also versatile – something that will withstand weather changes, bar hopping, and an after-midnight food trip. Coromandel is kinda rough – a big blast of patchouli and woods. But it is also pretty – amber, benzoin, vanilla. And since this is Chanel, it has the sheen of aldehydes.  It’s unique, but has an oriental feel that’s familiar. I can imagine it on Coco Chanel, with her pearls and pearl buttons. I can also imagine it on a French businessman, with his blue shirt and navy tie. Whenever I wear it, I find something new to smell about it – as I sprayed this morning, I think I never noticed how pine-y it is in the beginning. Now, about two hours after, my arm smells mineral-ly – I sense a little bit of dirt in the patchouli. It is a perfume that evolves as you wear it, and I look forward to what it will smell on me after a couple of Gooseberry drinks tonight.

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