Space Oddity (Television Thoughts: Odd Mom Out, Mondays on Bravo)

I always say that Bravo is my favorite 322_5ae35cd5eb76383d0f0703157a16e2efnetwork – my go-to channel when I don’t know what to watch, and I lap up everything it spits out – Housewives, Top Chef, etc. Lately they have ventured into scripted series, and while I was not in love with “The Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce,” I haven’t deleted unwatched episodes from DVR just yet. I don’t know if I will do the same thing with “Odd Mom Out.” I just thoroughly dislike Jill Kargman – her schtick, her comedy, her writing. I even dislike her look. And she is front and centre here, so there really is no escaping her. I mean, I get the premise – a kind of fish-out-of-water thing with her and the upper crust Upper East Side moms, but she just crafted a character so unlikeable that it seems no different from the demographic she is skewering. For example, she disdains these women, yet does the same things they are guilty of. She spends an entire episode obsessing as to what exclusive kindergarten school her twins have been accepted to, but isn’t this the same kind of behavior these Momzillas would commit?  I can’t help but get annoyed by her character, and I don’t know if I can get over it. Perhaps I will watch an episode more, but as of right now, the show is on my delete list.

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