A Napolitan Affair (Movie Thoughts: And While We Were Here)

and-while-we-were-here.posterI don’t know why I don’t do more Netflix Streaming – I have whole lot of movies on “My List” there. So this evening, I made an effort to browse through the list and pick one – any movie, I told myself. When I saw the synopsis for “And While We Were Here,” I knew instantly I wanted to watch it, if for only one reason: it is set in Naples. I will be in Naples in a couple of months and I want some atmospheric inspiration. Kate Bosworth plays Jane, a bored wife who takes a trip there with her boring Viola-playing husband. She is in a rut of a marriage, and her husband doesn’t seem to notice. One day, she takes a ferry to Ischia, an island off the Amalfi Coast and meets a young American, Caleb, and sees him a restless, carefree presence that attracts her. She starts an affair with him, and finds parts of herself in the process. Written and Directed by Kat Coiro, this is an appealing movie to look at – the sun burns through the film like an Instagram filter, and Bosworth looks pretty even when surly. But Jamie Blackley seems too immature an actor to give his character enough weight for it to make a profound effect on anyone. He didn’t really have that smoldering sex appeal that the character needed – he seemed more dorky than anything else. Because of this, I never really believed what happens next. But the whole thing sure looked pretty, akin to seeing a well-staged photo shoot, with empty emotions. Such a disappointment.

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