Through Dark Glasses (Book Thoughts: Finding Audrey, Sophie Kinsella)

finding audreyAlthough I have not read the whole Shopaholic series, Sophia Kinsella’s book “Confessions Of A Shopaholic” provided a lot of joy for me, and one f the first ones who got me introduced to chick lit. So I was very excited to see she has written her first YA novel, “Finding Audrey.” I started reading it without reading the synopsis – I actually thought t was about a teenager who idolized Audrey Hepburn – so I had a very clean slate going into this. Angst. teenage angst. Parental angst. Well, it’s typical of a YA novel I guess, but I was already half-way through the book and I couldn’t find any sense to it. At that point, it was more about Audrey’s mother policing her brother’s gaming habits. But we also see Audrey is a tortured soul, suffering from depression and social anxiety. And we see her taking steps to recovery. We see her kind of falling in love, although we don’t understand why LInus, her brother’s friend is attracted to her, so I never truly “got” that. And I waited in vain until the last page to hear how and why Audrey got this state, but we only get a cursory sentence or two about it. So how can we get Audrey’s sympathy? This is a mess of a book, with some nice moments, and I wish I liked it more. I am guessing this will be a series – her story is far from finished – but with so many things to read, I don’t know if I will be back.

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