Who Is Nicholas? (Music Thoughts, Nicholas Rodriguez, The First Time)

nicholNicholas Rodriguez was Tarzan on Broadway, and is a strapping hunk, as we can judge from the album cover of his album, “The First Tome.” but, no, we should not really objectify him.  We should judge the album based on its musical merit. So, let me close my eyes and just…listen. The album is just okay – I find his voice is on the bland side – indistinguishable and I probably will not be able to distinguish it from a chorus boy lineup.  Strangely enough, his version of “You’ll Be In My Arms” (a great choice based on his biceps on the album cover) is the weakest track in this collection. He strains notes, and there were a couple of pitchy moments there. Ths ongs here cover a wide range: there’s the artsy folksy {“A Case Of You) there’s the theater song (“Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'”) there’s the cover of a current pop hit (Sara Bareille’s ‘Brave’) and one where he mixes his ancestry (“I’ve Never Been In Loe Before/Amor)  He seems at home with the jazzier arrangements, and that’s where I feel his shines the most. But, the varied repertoire makes me feel that he is trying to spread himself too thin, and I end up not having an idea who Nicholas Rodriguez is. What I see and hear here is pretty pleasant, but I sense there’s more there, and it’s untapped.

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