To Be Young And Beautiful (Book Thoughts: Younger, Pamela Bertrand Safran)

Younger-by-Pamela-Redmond-SatranThis is that rare instance that I am reading a book after seeing an adapted version of it.  I was looking at my physical books the other day when I realized I had a copy of Pamela Redmond Satran’s “Younger.”  The Strand Bookstore used to have a dollar bin of trade paperbacks and I have a huge pile of books I have procured from there. After watching the first season of the television series, I had wanted to read the source material. And it’s a quick read. It is weird now that already have Sutton Foster as Alice (I wonder why they changed the character’s name to Liza on the television version) and even in the readings of the dialogue I hear Sutton’s delivery in my head. It’s a more compact, less fleshed out version of the character here, and her friend Maggie figures more prominently in the book. I don’t know if I would have found it as enjoyable had I not already known these characters, though. There are loophole galores in the story, but I guess we suspend disbelief. And it was nice to see where the end game is for the characters in the book and now I am wondering if the series will follow.

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