Love Wins (Movie Thoughts: The 10 Year Plan)

The10YearPlanPoster-228pxHistory was made today: The Supreme Court Of The United States made same sex marriage the law of the land. And on Pride weekend, no less. This is the kind of day that makes us all warm and tingly inside. I started the day crying tears of joy, and now I am ending it writing about JC Calciano’s “The 10 Year Plan.”  I have grown wary of rom-coms recently – it seems like no one knows how to do them anymore –  but honestly this one was just what the day ordered. Two guys (played by two good looking actors, Jack Turner and Michael Adam Hamilton) who are obviously meant to be together, but of course they don’t know it. Sounds tired and cliched, but the slow burn is the fun, here. Both actors have appealing charm that you root for them, and when obstacles get in the way, you feel like pushing them more. The situations all point to the inevitable ending, and the direction could be on the dry side, but it’s still manages to get the point across: that in the end, love always wins. Based on today’s ruling, it seems to mirror real life (and Love)

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