There’s Groom To Grow (Book Thoughs: A Groom With A View, Sophie Ranald)

22473378It’s getting harder and harder to find worthy “chick lit” books lately, and there are so many books I start but never get to finish because I get bored or I find the plot line too predictable. I usually try to give books one hundred pages and that’s it. I usually steer clear of wedding-type books but Sophie Ranald’s “A Groom WIth A View” had a very interesting premise – what if the groom was more excited about the wedding than the bride? Nick and Pippa have been together for a while, and they “accidentally” get engaged – and here we have Nick taking control of the wedding preparations, and even creates a blog to document all he is doing. But, there’s more to the story than that – I found the plot had a lto of depth, with both leads three-dimensional. (The villain, Nicki’s mom, Erica, was, though) I liked it a lot – it kept me very much interested and felt the ending did not feel forced.

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