Giving A Flying Fig (Perfume Thoughts: Atelier Cologne Figuier Ardent

o.31661I was looking through my samples when I saw my little vial of Atelier Cologne Figuier Ardent. This is part of their ‘Collection Azure’ which is sold exclusively at Sephora’s. I am a fan of a lot of Atelier fragrances – everything I have and smelled from them has impressed me. And as you can tell from the name of the scent, this is a fig based perfume. And fig is one of my favorite notes (Philosykos is the classic fig fragrance for me, and I remember years ago when I would wear it everyday)  On my skin, Figuier Ardent is so different from the leafy green fig of most fig-based perfumes – this opens much sweeter – I get the cardamamom and bergamot in the beginning more than the fig itself. As a matter of fact, I am at loss as to where to get the fig in here – perhaps this is an interpretation of an over ripe fig? It is sweet (and transparent) on my skin, akin to an aquatic fragrance. For an Atelier cologne, it seems kind of dumbed down – maybe it was done to appease the more mainstream Sephora crowd?  While well-blended and you can tell that good materials were used, it seems lacking in a unique character I associate with the brand. As it is, this is a scent that iwll nto offend anyone, and I don’t dislike it at all, to be honest. I just expected more.

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