Make The Garden Grow (Book Thoughts: Ivy Lane-Spring, Cathy Bramley)

21795070I was lured by the idea of a serialized novel, so I started reading “Ivy Lane: Spring,” by Cathy Bramley. Tilly is starting a new life, just moved to Ivy Lane, and to occupy herself, gets an allotment. I had really no idea what an allotment is, so I googled it. Basically, you get a plot of land and grow things: flowers, vegetables, whatever you please. But it also gives you a sense of community with all the other growers. Bramley gives Tilly a cast of crazy interesting characters, but those are a little undeveloped for now and can be a bit confusing. She also gives her a love interest, Charlie, but as of this book anyway, nothing is happening on that front anyway. Most of this book is focused on Tilly and her allotment, but I suspect more personal relationships will flourish later on. I will continue…

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