Blooms (Book Thoughts, Ivy Lane:Summer, Cathy Bromley)

21394515The plot thickens at “Ivy Lane:Summer” which is the second part of the Ivy Lane series. We left Tilly at the end of book one being selected to be part of a gardening reality show, and as the second book opens, we see everyone preparing for it. The crew finally arrives, and we see flowers and vegetables blossom. But something else blossoms: Tilly has her sights on Aidan, a producer for the show. By the end of the book we see her kissing hm, but she thinks it’s a losing battle: he lives in London. But is it really the case? She finds out he is a local. Meanwhile, Charlie is getting jealous – is something brewing there too? Before we find the answer, we get a surprise at the end of the book – with the revelation to be int he next one. I am getting more and more engrossed with the story, and I am getting to know the quirky characters around her better.  The ending, frankly is a little disconcerting, and it has something to do with the revelation of her secret. It’s causing me stress, and making me want to start the next book right away…

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