Jonner (Television Thoughts: The Fosters Summer Season 2015)

gavin-macintosh-hayden-byerly-jonnor-interviewI have been watching “The Fosters” since the beginning and I now feel like these characters are family – well technically they could be “family,” if you know what I mean. This season has been the usual kids shenanigans (Why can’t Caillie steer clear of trouble – talk about a problem magnet, seriously she can be quite exhausting) Amidst all the drama, I was enthralled by Jonner. Jonner is Jude and Conner – tween gays in love – who would have ever thought something like that would end up on a fairly mainstream television show. Conner’s father tried to stop them, but he has started to accept Conner as gay, and now we get to see how the relationship is advancing. On last week’s episode, they went to a prom. I think it might have been powerful if they had gone to their official school prom, but this was an LGBT function – and I think the show does a good job in representing all the letters in LGBT. Jude is still uncomfortable labeling himself as “gay” but on this episode, something snaps, and after a talk with a teen F to M trans character, he goes for the gusto and tells Conner, “I am going to be super gay if you want me to be.” My heart stopped – we have gone so far, and to see this on television just broke my heart in the best way – I was in tears. Love celebrated again, love won again.

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