How To Get Away With Murder (UnREAL Episode 7, Savior)


I have been watching “UnREAL” since the first episode, and yes, it is as good as everyone says it is. (One critic even called it the best show of the summer) But I have not been compelled to write about it since last week and this week’s episode, when it gave us a huge surprising twist: one of Everlasting’s contestants commits suicide. I knew something big was about to happen, as she was pushed to the edge. Shia, her producer tampered with her mood-stabilizing pills. Combine that with alcohol, and her abusive husband surprising her on set, and you had the makings of a disaster. But that was soap opera machinations to me, for what made it more interesting for me was how the series would dig itself up from this particular hole. The network shuts down production, the head with a battery of lawyers fly in to the set, and you wonder whose head will roll, who’s blame spin gets prominence, what is the end game of all this? The resolution was a little lame, and a bit unbelievable. (I can’t believe the police will not verify the authenticity of the note) But the getting there and the moving on is the more interesting part here. Rachel is now sleeping with her ex, but she ends up at the suitor’s bed at the end of the episode. Quinn doesn’t really come unscathed because Brad the head of the network hates her, and Chet leaves his wife. (For some reason, Quinn’s love life bores me)  Surely, there will be more repercussions? Or is this it? I’ll stay tuned

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