Summer Tea And The Living Is Easy (Perfume Thoughts: Barney’s Route du The)

o.14926Scent brings us to a time and place. Barney’s Route du The certainly does. I used to wear it in the 90s, and this was an old friend of mine’s signature scent so it will always remind me of him. I remember going to the old Barney’s in 17th Street specifically to buy this perfume. The perfume  works best in the summertime, when I get tired of wearing straight up citrusses – this evokes clean and yes, citrus, without being too contrived about it. The official notes also claim lily of the valley (yes, lots) and amber (I don’t get that at all) but I get a lot of musk here – clean aromatic musk that permeates. It’s not of the dirty skanky kind, but it’s not the clean clear one either. I think Route du The is unique, and this is the tea scent that I know and love before Bvlgari made it fashionable. A Barney’s sales person was telling us that Japanese people are now buying these by the gallon because Jennifer Lopez once said on American Idol that this was her scent. Hmm, I wonder now if she has a tea scent in her own line. Way to expose a perfumista’s best kept secret, JLo.

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