No Trans Fat (Television Thoughts, Transparent, Amazon Studios)

transparent-amazon-season-1-2014-posterI have wanted to see “Transparent” for a long time now , but haven’t had access to Amazon Prime account until recently, and I just binge-watched the whole series over the weekend and I am still stunned – stunned by the sheer beauty of it: warm, funny, poignant, touching. I saw the last episode last night, and they stayed with me that I actually dreamed about them last night.

Transparent is about the Pffefermans. The father, Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) has started, at age 70, to transition to a woman. He has three children: Sarah (Amy Landecker) Josh (Jay Duplass) and Ali (Gaby Hoffman)  As he slowly outs himself to them, we see them dealing with the issue differently. These are millennial children, so they are spoiled and entitled, and what their father is doing is wrecking havoc in their seemingly perfect lives.

But yes, we all know that nothing in life is perfect, and there are no perfect situations, as much as we sometimes want to believe things are that way. And life takes surprising twists and turns for the whole family throughout the ten episodes. i love the tone of the show – anything and everything happens to these characters. and I would be hard-pressed to find a better ensemble piece. Tambor is perfection: subtly effective. I know he won a Golden Globe earlier this year, and won’t be surprised if he takes home an Emmy in a few weeks. And Hoffman seems to be the critics’ annointed child, but Duplass and Landecker are just as great. These three act like real siblings, mirroring complex relationships we have with our own. Judith Light, as their mother, is just a little too mannered for me: those nerve ticks got to me after a while. But all this of course points to Jill Solloway’s pitch perfect writing – she captures the familial conflicts with such an authentic ear you will feel these are your own family. They fight, they bicker, they hurt each other, but no doubt you will feel all the love and affection underneath all the drama. It doesn’t get more real.

Have I raved enough? I cannot wait now for the second season, which will be released by the Fall, and I even read they have already ordered a third season, so… bring them all on!

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