Traveling With Molly (Music Thoughts: Molly Ryan, Let’s Fly Away)

a2200897756_16Molly Ryan’s  new album “Let’s Fly Away” has a very distinct sound: it’s a n album that jumps – it swings, it’s effervescent, it fleets and floats. And that is just perfect for the concept of the album, which are songs about traveling. Though I have seen this concept before (It’s something Bing Crosby and Rosie Clooney and their ilk did – sigh I miss those days) the song line up here is stellar, and imaginative: “The Gypsy In My Soul,” “Let’s Go To Rio,” and “Anywhere I Wander” are just some of the titles. Ryan knows her away around a song: she caresses these words tenderly without missing a beat – she is one of those few singers with such a great sense of rhythm that she swings even when it seems she isn’t. And she has great back-up here: Dick Hyman is on piano for half the tracks, and Dan Barrett is on trombone. The whole album is a joy to hear, and for someone like me who loves to travel, is a gift.

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