Two Shy (Book Thoughts: Shy, John Inman)

16128083I thought John Inman’s “Shy” was about two people who are are both suffering from SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) who fall in love. It is, but about a third into the boom, the plot becomes a type of City Slicker goes Country tale. And the last third turns a little serious, until the last couple of pages when it becomes a dark comedy. It’s a lot of things for one book. And while, yes, it was entertaining, it could also be a bit jarring (especially the last part) I wish it was more coherent, and also I wanted the characters to be a little more three-dimensional. The characters would be a little more believable if they had shadings – the good vs bad here are a little contrived. At this point, they are close to cartoons. And, those incessant sex scenes can really be exhausting after a while. But the book does give nice touches, and Inman paints nice pictures.

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