There She Is…(Television Thoughts: I Am Cait, Sundays on E!)

caitlyn-jenner I found myself watching the pilot episode of the new docu-series “I Am Cait,” and for a second I am baffled why. I loathe all things Kardashian, and truth be told, I am even a little confused about Bruce’s transition. I did not even watch the two hour Diane Sawyer interview, to be honest. There is a big part of me that wants to ignore this whole thing. I am thinking Caitlyn is just another hyped celebrity. But raves from both The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times made me curious – as a matter of fact, I know the show has been getting unanimous raves. I can see why. Caitlyn is certainly an interesting figure, and she is happy and giddy. Obviously, living an authentic life suits her. But her story is also touching, in the sense that she shows how difficult it has to be for trans people – craving acceptance from family, dealing what happens next after ‘coming out’ to them, or even as simple as living life. Jenner is vocal about wanting to set a good example, wanting to use her celebrity, her show to help others. By the end of the pilot episode, we see her visiting a family of a trans teenager who has committed suicide. It’s manipulative and well set-up as only a reality show can (and a bit of a buzz killer, actually) but darn it if it isn’t effectively touching. I hope – make that I know – it will shed light for some people with questions about this whole thing. Not that there aren’t touches of the reality show that made the family famous. When Caitlyn’s daughter Kylie visits, she makes her try on hair extensions, which are just coincidentally part of her hair extension business line. When Kim herself shows up, they go through her new wardrobe, eschewing dresses that do not make her cut, and when Jenner shows her a Tom Ford dress, she exclaims that Kris Jenner has the same exact dress (Caitlyn giddily jokes that they should wear it at the same time and do a ‘Who wore it better’ contest) It’s really a compelling hour of television, truth be told. And it did open my eyes to some things, and answered some questions even I had. So for this to reach the Kardashian audience (sizable to say the least) is a great thing. If this teaches even one person to be more tolerant, then it will have already served a good purpose. If it entertains at the same time, then it is already a gift.

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