It’s Only A Paper Moon (Movie Thoughts: Paper Towns)

tumblr_nk0v7r6Wy01sjhtm9o1_500Teenagers who went to see “Paper Towns” over the weekend expecting a love story a la “The Fault In Our Stars” must have been very disappointed. Jack Schrier’s movie had none of the romance of John Green’s first movie adaptation, and the leads had nowhere near the chemistry from that other movie as well. “Paper Towns” is bland. It has uninteresting characters, a tepid story, and the result is a movie that is as appealing as a dish rag. I can’t tell if the book was as bad, since I have not read it, but I am betting it isn’t, as John Green writes interesting books. But nothing works here. The casting showed promise. Nat Wolff, in “The Fault In Our Stars” stole scenes, and isn’t Cara Develingne supposed to be the next hot thing? Well, Wolff seemed bored here, and I don’t really get the big deal about Develingne, but that may be because of her underwritten character. The film purports to be a big romance in the beginning, but then it suddenly becomes some sort of teen mystery, and while we see Wolff’s character pining, the audience is at a loss why, since we barely know Margo’s character. I want to say I am too old to be able to relate, but aren’t these universal themes? Okay, so maybe the ending isn’t that bad, and I do like the central message it conveys, but at that point the film has already lost me, and I was already rushing to get out of the theater. The saddest part for me is that I think this could have been better. It could have been very good, but for me it’s just a missed opportunity.

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