No Need To Run (Music Review: Eleanor McCain, Runaway)

unnamed-thumb-280x280-358573I had no idea who Eleanor McCain was. when I saw the name, I thought she was related to John McCain (and became wary) Thank God for Google. I found out that she is a vocalist from Canada, and she had done some albums already, mainly Celtic and Classical Crossover themed ones.  So I was expecting an album of pop songs sung by a classically trained singer who feels like she is slumming. I mean, she sings “Save Room,” by John Legend. So when I played the album, that was the first track I played, and I found her surprisingly loose and unmannered. And yes, she is perfectly in tune, and yes she sings “Clean” but I don’t sense as much detachment from the material as I expected to. I can sense an affinity for these songs. Honestly, I don’t think her versions eclipse the original versions, but she does a good enough job.  If for anything, she chooses interesting songs that would make you want to hear her versions. (e.g. The Corr’s ‘Runaway’ and Billy Joel’s ‘Just The Way You Are’)  The bottom line is that these aren’t bad covers – they fall short on memorable, though – and they can be pleasant to listen to.

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