Bro, Bored (Movie Thoughts: Entourage)

Entourage_film_2015_posterEver been to a party where you don’t know anyone, and the crowd isn’t *your* crowd you feel so out of place? That’s exactly how I felt while I was watchng “Entourage,” the movie. Maybe I watched two episodes tops of the series, so I had no vested interest in any of these characters. While the movie gives us a brief intro on these people (via a Piers Morgan interview segment with the characters) I had no idea about the shadings of these characters to fully enjoy them. But what I saw were such one-dimensional characters that I did not care for any of them, and I certainly did not care what would happen tot hem. Vince Chase is directing a movie, which his agent Ari greenlit as a head of a studio. When they showed a clip from the movie, everyone loved it but I thought it was utter crap. I mean, clearly I do not share the same taste buds as these people. I cannot tell you the last time I got bored watching a movie. I thought the jokes were stale – I mean I would have preferred if they were at least offensive – and even teh steady stream of celebrity cameos did not do anything for me. But I shouldn’t have been surprised – this movie was nto made for me or my ilk, and I am sure there are millions out there who enjoyed it. When it comes to the genre of HBO series turned movies, wake me up when the new Sex And The City starts screening.

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