Mis-Step (Book Thoughts, Meeting The Step, Ash Adams)

meetstepI have noticed that there has been a lot of step-romance lately, i.e. romance stories about step siblings. Is it kinda weird, on an “ew” level? Perhaps, and I guess it depends on the relationship f the siblings. Here, in Ash Adams  ‘Meeting The Step,’ it’s not as icky: the steps are teenage characters who just meet for the first time after the parents have a whirlwind romance. But it turns sexual quick, although that may depend on your definition of sexual (in my book, it is pretty much sexual from the beginning)  This is slight and short, so it is not as satisfying as a story, and I am more interested in how the author deals with the repercussion of the characters actions, which obviously will be on the next books. I don’t know if I will still be there, though.

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