Flash Back To A Girl (Movie Thoughts: Ricki And The Flash)

Ricki-and-the-Flash-2015-Jonathan-Demme-poster-450“Ricki And The Flash” is a nothing of a movie. Usually a Meryl Streep performance can save a middling movie (Hello, Iron Lady) but here she just seems to be trying too hard. Although Streep is considered the “greatest living actress,” her style has never really been subtle. She usually gives a “look at me” performance: look how I aced my accent, look how this tick enhanced my acting. Here that style distracts. In fact, there are a lot of thing here that distract: her braids, her smudged eyeliner, her raspy singing. Although she sings in tune, there’s an unpleasant timbre here. But the movie is entertaining enough in a Saturday afternoon matinee kind of thing: the blue haired crowd was in attendance at my theater. My takeaway from here: it infuriated me. In the movie, Streep plays Linda, who left her family to become Ricki the Rock Star. When her daughter’s husband leaves, she comes home. I know there are a lot of issues there (Diablo Cody’s script never tells us why) but the anger that these adult kids displayed to their own mother upset me. Later on, when one of her other kids gets married, Ricki gets the shabbiest treatment: a belated insincere invitation, a back-row spot at the actual wedding, a table in Siberia. Whatever the issues these kids have at their mother, she shouldn’t be treated that way. I cried – it was heartbreaking. I know that perhaps this is a weird thing to take hone from this movie, and this perhaps shows the state of my mind right now, but I just felt for her in a serious way. And, it made the tacked on ending insincere and phony.

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