Smellin’ Japanese (Perfume Thoughts: Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom)

_10326998When Jo Malone brought back “Sakura Cherry Blossom” as part of their Blue Skies And Blossoms series earlier this year, I promised myself i would get it, since I missed out on it in 2011. I remember sniffing it and loving it then, but I did not get it. and I had a shallow reason why – Bath & Body Works has a similar scent, titled Japanese Cherry Blossom, and I got that instead. Of course, the Jo Malone version is better: not synthetic at all, and the light touch of it cannot be compared to BBW’s harsh synthetic version. Of course, the Jo Malone one quickly sold out and became a collector’s holy grail. (When it got reissued in February, it also quickly sold out)  Now that I have “Sakura Cherry Blossom,” I ask myself, is the idea of it better than the actual perfume? Perhaps. This scent opens fantastically: the rose/freesia combination makes for a great cherry blossoms accord. But I have worn this twice now, and both times it just disappeared too quickly. Yes, I know it’s summertime, and today is a triple digit day, but surely it could have better projection/endurance? As much as I love Jo Malone, I really dislike that some of the scents are so fleeting: I have the same problem with its otherwise fantastic Wood Sage & Salt. So I am reserving a full rave until  I wear it in colder weather.

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