Coming Out And Getting Married (Film Thoughts: Jenny’s Wedding)

jennys-wedding-poster“Jenny’s Wedding” has been getting bad reviews like it’s the worst thing in the world. This is sad, because it is a fine movie. Maybe it’s not the most original or revolutionary, but it has heart. I suspect this may be because a lot of people just do not like Katherine Heigl. I don’t know how she is personally, but I have always liked her performances, and she gives an honest, touching performance here as a closeted lesbian who has to come out to her family because she wants to marry her “roommate” Kitty (played by Alexis Bleidel)  Her parents (Linda Edmond and Tom Wilkinson) do seem to be tone-deaf characters. I mean, in this day and age, would anyone react that way to a coming out? But yes, some people still do, and even with equality strides, it’s still a price point among Republicans, for instance, to bash gays. (Just look at the last Republican Presidential debate)  I know that for some parents, it is still tough to accept, but yes more often than not, they come around. It’s a process, and this movie shows that process. Fine performances abound here, and it would be a shame if people get turned from the film because of bad notices. The film is relatively small in scale (at times it feels like a Lifetime movie) but there are big pay offs in small things.

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