Cool Cool Robin (Music Thights: Something To Live For, Robin Gregory)

rg47db23424971989Robin Gregory is a jazz singer based in Oakland, California, and when I chanced upon her album “Something To Live For,” and started researching who she was, I was instantly curious because she was compared to the great Chris Connor. And really, I liked her voice. She has a fine, light touch, and while I wouldn’t say that she reminds me of Connor, she does a “cool school ” vibe, though i think she reminds me more of June Christy, if I were pressed. I also found out she is the mother of Aisha Taylor, who is one of the hosts of “The Talk,” and she also played David Schwimmer’s girlfriend on “Friends.”  Back to the album, I wished that the song selection was a little more inspired, with some obvious selections: “Stormy Weather,” “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?” and “Take The A Train” are songs that, frankly, do not excite me. But she does them well – I do light her light touch on them, and when she sings “It’s Magic,” that Chris Connor touch is more evident, and it’s…well, close to magic. And she is even better in “Sentimental Journey.” The more I listen to her, the more I find things I like – she has subtle touches that really come out in repeated listenings. Maybe when I go back to the Bay area, I should check out if she is performing somewhere.

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