A Tale Of Two Preggies (Movie Thoughts: Unexpected)

unexpected-movie-poster-300x445A movie about pregnancy and childbirth? Not my cup of tea. I mean, I am not able to relate, obviously. In “Unrelated,” Cobie Smulders plays a High School teacher, Samantha,  who teaches in a predominantly black High School. Minutes into the film, she finds out she is pregnant. Coincidentally, her prized student, Jasmine (Gail Bean) also finds out she is expecting. The film is a character study of their relationship, and compares and contrasts how pregnancy is dealt with by two people of varying socio-economic statusses. For example, when Samantha asks Jasmine if her boyfriend got mad when he found out she was pregnant, Jasmine replied: ” Why would he be mad?” Director Kris Swanberg can be a little too obvious in showing the differences between how the two characters are dealing with their pregnancies, but Smulders and Bean are great actresses who bring depth to their performances. Bean, for me, gives the better performance (she has an expressive face that she uses well) but Smulders holds her own well, and I honestly never thought of her more than her sitcom character. Elizabeth McGovern is great in a cameo role, as Samantha’s mother. Otherwise, there isn’t much that goes on here, and everything gets tied up in a neat little bow too quickly without too much conflict, which makes me question why this movie even exists. Is there a big pregnant woman demographic? Anyway, it’s here and I saw it.

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